About Us

   From 1979 onwards, it has brought together the experiences of the people who have experienced in various departments of the sector under the roof of YEDKA OTOMOTİV since 2014. The company has been serving to our country in metal mold, aluminum injection, plastic and rubber since 2014.

    The company has 6 experienced people in its field with CNC (2 pieces), Eccentric Press (5 pieces) and Hydraulic 200 tons (1 piece) machine, Powder Lathe (1 piece) and Molding Machine (1 piece).

     The company has a production capacity of 3000 pieces per day from 5 different parts. At the same time, although it is very new, it has been able to reach 200 different kinds of products in a short time.

     The basic principle of YEDKA OTOMOTIV is to follow daily technological innovations and to adopt a unique, quality and primitive understanding.

    The company aims to be a pioneer in the sector in transportation from production to consumer.

Mission & Vision


As Yedka Otomotiv, our mission is to provide products to our customers beyond their expectations and to offer them an experience to appreciate.


Yedka Otomotiv. to produce molds and spare parts in every type and model that will be profitable for the market, to present the pajama and to ensure its continuity.